I'm Jim Cave, I'm in Mali and these are my notes

I'm Jim Cave, I'm in Mali and these are my notes

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Farewell to Departed Friends

When one contemplates joining Peace Corps, there is often a accompanying vision of what a PC service is going to be like. Visions of cute kids playing soccer, a tight knit community and a new sense of worth are common features of said vision. However, one thing no one thinks about is what happens when friends leave (If fellow volunteers fall into you ideal vision at all). How at some point in your service your life is going to change drastically. You’ll know this change is coming and there will be other distractions once it does, but one day you’ll look at a poster board full of people that are no longer in Mali. Your home has changed.

When I came to San a little over a year ago there were three PCVs, that had already been at site for a year, here to welcome me and show me the ropes. Assistance was given constantly and a friendship was developed. Before I knew it I had two new sisters and a brother here in San, people so much a part of my Peace Corps service that it is impossible to imagine it without them. Now they are gone and new volunteers will have no idea who they are. This is bittersweet. Most people are ready to leave at the end of two years, but no one likes to see a friend leave. So long Risky Business, it was a good time.

Farming is still farming, but in one week most of the “heavy work” will be done. After this we just wait till harvest. Esayi is going to Bamako for the month of September and as a result I plan to do a whole lot of walking around and drinking tea.

Things are swell

P.S. In addition to the slew on volunteers leaving, one of my cats here hit the bucket. R.I.P. Caya you killed a lot of lizards.